Switchcraft - the leading brand for components and custom cable assembly manufacturing. 

Switchcraft UK distributor

CIE are the UK distributor for SwitchcraftCIE is the UK supply partner for Switchcraft. Having worked together for over 25 years, CIE is one of the most successful Switchcraft supply partners in the world.

Over this period, Switchcraft's product range has vastly increased and been used in many of the UK's leading system installations across the audio, video, telecommunication, computer, medical, military, appliance, transportation and instrumentation industries.

Switchcraft product range:

Cable Assemblies


Jacks & Plugs

Industrial Switches

Audio Jacks & Plugs

Patch Cords


Audio Connectors 

Cable Assemblies available form CIE Electronics - SwitchcraftCable Assemblies

There are a wide range of standard and custom molded cable assemblies available from Switchcraft. Starting from standard ends overmolded onto a cable to watertight cable assemblies for use even in the harshest of environments, there is always something to fit your application needs.


Switchcraft Connectors available via CIE Electronics


There are various types of connectors available from Switchcraft. From XLR, DIN, IEC series, Slimline series, PCB Mount HDMI Connectors and plenty more! Switchcraft can offer you all the power and signal connections you need.


Switchcraft Jacks and plugs available via CIE ElectronicsJacks & Plugs

Switchcraft offer a wide range of jacks and power plugs which can be used in a variety of applications for example in medical equipment, manufacturing data equipment, GPS tracking, data logging systems and in security applications.


Industrial switches from Switchcraft available via CIE ElectronicsIndustrial Switches

A line of industrial switches ranging from slide to push button style switches are available from Switchcraft.


Audio Jacks and Plugs from Switchcraft available via CIE ElectronicsAudio Jacks & Plugs

A range of high quality jacks and plugs for audio patching, musical instruments and other pro audio gear are available from Switchcraft. Such as 1/4 inch commercial, 1/4 inch long frame, 3.5mm, RCA and Bantam/TT.


Patch cords from Switchcraft available via CIE Electronics.

Patch Cords

Both audio and video patchcords are available from Switchcraft, along with snakes, DB25 breakout cable and video patchbay accessories.


Patchbays from Switchcraft available at CIE Electronics.


Patching solutions audio, video and data are designed for seamless integration into any pro audio, broadcast, or live sound application.


Switchcraft audio connectors available via CIE ElectronicsAudio Connectors

An extensie line of audio, video and data connectors used to create cable assemblies, custom I/O panels and wall plates for A/V, pro audio, broadcast, mobile production and post production installations are available from Switchcraft.


Need help with an upcoming project using Switchcraft products?

CIE Electronics experts offer the design, manufacture and distribution of custom electronic components and finished product for the UK manufacturing industry.

Our UK-based, dedicated project management team work closely between our customers and our worldwide manufacturing partners to ensure that your custom product requirements are delivered to the exact specification, on time and on budget - relieving our customers of all the headaches involved in manufacturing and the international supply chains.

Where to buy Switchcraft Products in the UK

If you would like to discuss your next project or would like more information on Switchcraft products, please call our team today on: 0115 9770075 or email us now: info@cie-group.com.


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