Meet the CIE Team...

CIE is one of the UK's most successful value-added technology distributors, thanks to our award-winning team of technology experts, sales professionals and support staff.

Management Team

Neil Mackay, CIE ElectronicsSteve Collin, CIE ElectronicsChris Edwards Marketing Director, CIE ElectronicsKevin Sherwood, CIE Electronics


Account Management

Lauren Froggatt, CIE Electronics


System Design & Technical Services

Andy Short - AV System Design, CIE ElectronicsJulian Salter, AV System Designer, CIE ElectronicsLeroy Spencer, CIE ElectronicsKevin Beavers, CIE Electronics


Sales & Customer Service

Caroline Rainbow.CIE ElectronicsClare Froggatt, CIE ElectronicsJulie Richards, CIE Electronics



Katie Cooke, Digital Marketing & Events Co-Ordinator



Rachael Hickton, CIE-GroupKay Mead, CIE ElectronicsVanessa Hauser, CIE Electronics



Steve Syson, CIE ElectronicsTony Allen, CIE ElectronicsJosh Mead, CIE Electronics


New Switchcraft NH Series RJ45 Connectors released
28th September 2021
New Switchcraft series of NH Series RJ45 Connectors. Available now from leading Switchcraft...
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New Switchcraft low profile DC Power Jacks released
24th August 2021
New Switchcraft series of low profile DC Power Jacks. Available now from leading Switchcraft...
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MACH Exhibition 2022
4th April 2022 - 8th April 2022
MACH Expo 2022 connecting the world of manufacturing technologies.
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