New Switchcraft Multi-Con-X Insta-Click Sealed Connectors

14th December 2022

New Switchcraft Multi-Con-X Insta-Click Sealed Connectors released. Available now from leading Switchcraft UK Distributor - CIE Electronics.

Switchcraft - leading manufacturer of professional and industrial cables & connectors - has released the latest in their range of Multi-Con-X Insta-Click Sealed Connectors.

The Multi-Con-X has set the industry standard for harsh environment connectors, and the new Insta-Click product line adds several key improvements for even harsher environments. An all-new latching mechanism

provides an automatic positive lock while improving the water resistance rating to IP68 (when used as part of a molded cable assembly). A high quality new plastic offers UV resistance.

Multi-Con-X Insta-Click Sealed Connectors

Switchcraft Multi-Con-X


Multi-Con-X insta click part codes to order

Ordering Codes for Switchcraft Multi-Con-X 

PART NUMBER Recommended CABLE O.D. Size
4284-542AD-KIT 0.40-0.43” [10.2-10.9mm]
4284-556AD-KIT 0.54-0.57” [13.7-14.5mm]

Contact the CIE Electronics team for more information

CIE is the main UK distributor for the complete range of Switchcraft and Conxall professional connectors and cables. Please contact the team today for full details, product pricing or samples.

Download the Switchcraft CG Series connector PDF

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