Quick-release Cable Assembly

Custom cable assembly for Trafficmaster's in-car navigation system

Client:             Trafficmaster
Application:  In-car Navigation System
Quantity:        60,000


Trafficmaster is the UK's leading journey management company, providing high quality satelite navigation, traffic data and vehicle tracking systems, using a state-of-the-art network of nationwide sensors and transmitters which gather and distribute traffic data for over 8,000 miles of motorway and truck routes.



'SmartNav' is Trafficmaster's leading portable satelite navigation system, for which CIE Electronics were briefed to provide a quick-release connectivity cable assembly.

Designed to connect the navigation device to the vehicle's internal wiring loom, the cable assembly needed to support a high insertion rate and feature a robust quick-release mechanism.




The Solution:

CIE specified a high quality 2.5mm jack plug & socket and developed tooling for a custom snap-fit overmoulding sheath.

This bespoke moulded connection was tested and certified to 25,000 insertions.




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