Custom Design Desk-Mount USB Port

Multi-way audio visual loom developed for educational smart desk.

Interactive Desk Solutions

Client:          Pod Desk
Services:     Design, Manufacture & Stock Holding
Quantity:     10,000


Pod Desk is UK designer and manufacturer of interactive smart desk and furniture solutions for education and the work environment which allow for integration and connectivity of media devices such as PCs, laptops, audio systems, etc.



The client contacted CIE Electronics to design, manufacture and supply a custom-built multimedia connection terminal, to be integrated within their UK-manufactured smart desks.

The requirement was to produce a sleek, low profile connection terminal featuring 2 port USB connections and 3 x 3.5mm jack for line, microphone and loudspeaker connectivity.



The Solution:

CIE Electronics designed a solution to encapsulate the required USB and mini jack connectors within a branded PVC molding, colour matched to the customer's specific RAL tone.

The connection multimedia terminal was designed to integrated within the smart desks as a flush-mount solution, with molded cable access from below the desktop, leaving a visual product no higher than 10mm.

CIE designed the molding and the cable loom, provided fully-finished samples for testing and approval, tooling and production of 10,000 units, held in stock in our UK warehouse for call-off by the customer.

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