Retail EPOS Cable Loom

Custom moulded cable assembly for Electronics Point of Sale System

Retail EPOS Cable Loom
Client:              Leading Supermarket Chain
Application:   Retail EPOS System connectivity
Quantity:        10,000+


One of the UK's leading retailers and nationwide supermarket chains, this client uses the latest EPOS technologies throughout its 3,000+ stores.


With 24hr opening hours throughout many of its stores and all stores open for approximately 360 days of the year, downtime of tills and EPOS systems can cause significant disruption to customers and, of course, adverseley affect a store's sales figures.

Therefore, the customer briefed the CIE Electronics team to provide an easy to install EPOS cable loom to reduce installation and service times.

The Solution:

The CIE team developed a custom cable assembly featuring low-profile VGA connectors and 3.5mm jack, all of which were over-sheathed to allow for an easy and tidy installation within the till terminals.

The low-profile VGA connectors were custom-moulded with numbered idents to further aid installation simplicity.


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